Learning Express

Malang, Indonesia


What is Learning Express?

Learning Express (LeX) is an Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP) conceptualised by Singapore Polytechnic wherein the students complete the project in a period of 12 days. It seeks to provide students with an out-of-classroom learning opportunity to meet new friends, experience a different culture and make a difference. Using the Design Thinking methodology and the students’ domain skills, students will join hands to co-create innovative prototype solutions that strive to meet the needs of local communities. Through this project, students are able to apply their teamwork and communication skills, develop a better understanding of themselves, empathise with the community they are serving, and realise the positive impact they can make in the lives of a community in need.

Mount Bromo

Why did I choose to participate in Learning Express?

When I first heard about this programme, it was through my General Education teacher, she told us about this Overseas Social Innovation Project(OSIP) or also known as Learning Express(LeX). She mentioned that if we apply for this programme, and if we are shortlisted, we will have the opportunity to complete our Social Innovation Project(SIP) in another country. I felt that the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of a different country would be an eye opening experience for me and that I wanted to be able to help another overseas community as much as possible, thus I signed up for LeX.

Where was I allocated to?

I was allocated to the city of Malang, Indonesia.

Malang is the second largest city in the Indonesian province of East Java. Malang has various ethnic groups and cultures from all over Indonesia and the World. The population of Malang reaches 895,387 people with a majority of Javanese, followed by the Madurese and Chinese or Peranakan. Malang metropolitan area or notable known as Malang Raya, is the second largest metropolitan area in East Java after Gerbangkertosusila (Surabaya Metropolitan Area). If viewed from the side of Javanese culture, The majority of Malang people belongs to culture of Arekan Javanese.