The solution

After rounds of ideation and insights, we have decided to tackle two major issues we feel that the business owner faces. We wanted to help him resolve his back pain issue as well as assisting in the marketing of his products. The picture on the right showcases the prototype we have produced for our idea. On the left, we have created a flyer to distribute to others, as well as giving out free samples of salted eggs to others. The prototype on the right is a contraption that can wash up to 16 eggs at one load. This effectively speeds up the washing process. Moreover, this device can be placed anywhere, thus allowing the owner to position it at a height that he finds most comfortable in, thus he will not feel the back pain while washing the eggs.

How does the contraption work?

The contraption consists of two trays that can fit 8 large eggs each. According to the owner, there are 3 different sizes of egg that can be purchased, and that he usually purchases the large ones, thus we have designed the trays to accommodate large eggs. Each tray will be washed by 2 sets of brushes with varying lengths, allowing for a complete cleaning of the eggs. Water will sprinkle, much like a garden sprinkler, through a pipe that can be attached at the top of the machine. The machine is 100% powered by hand. To operate the machine, simply tug on the string and the brushes will move in the direction of the pull. Since the brushes are attached to a plate that is spring loaded, once there is no force acting on the strings, the brushes will spring back to their original position. Repeatedly tugging at the string will allow the user to clean the eggs. The device will be made of acrylic as it is transparent and the owner can see if the eggs are clean enough. The side of the device can be opened to facilitate easier egg loading.


Continuing on the second part of our solution, we not only have printed flyers for distribution alongside the free egg samples, we have also created a website to reach out to a greater audience. The website is created to showcase the backstory of how salted eggs came about, and how the owner makes his salted eggs. Visitors can also contact and order salted eggs through the website, thus allowing for easier management of orders. Moreover, the website is available in two languages, Bahasa and English, so that even the locals can easily understand what the website is saying.